Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators

We are one of Ireland’s largest suppliers of cast iron radiators and we felt this article would be helpful for anyone looking at putting them into a new property or replacing old radiators during a renovation.

Why go for a cast iron radiator?

  • There are a number of reasons to look at a cast iron radiator.
  • The starting point for a lot of people is the look. All of our cast iron radiators are newly cast but formed in an old style design. So along with getting a functioning heat source you also get a beautiful piece of furniture for your home. A lot of people hide radiators behind couches, under radiator covers or behind curtains. This will never be the case when you have a cast iron radiator. You will be proud to have it on display whether its a traditional column radiator with a simple design up to an ornate highly polished radiator….we guarantee it will be the talking point of any room.
  • Heat output is of course the most important feature to look at when searching for a radiator. We often get asked should I go for a modern radiator vs a cast iron radiator as it will use less energy to heat up. We always say that is only half of the story. Yes a modern radiator will heat up faster but it will also lose its heat quite quickly when the heating system is turned off. However, a cast iron radiator will heat slower but it will also store that heat for longer and release it slowly afterwards. So always remember there are two sides to every story.

Choices between salvaged vs newly cast iron radiators

  • It really comes down to what you want to get from your purchase and your appetite for doing some work afterwards.
  • A salvaged radiator is a radiator that has been previously in operation and has been removed from another property. It has risks associated in that you never really know if it will work or leak until you have it connected up. Due to this you will be able to buy a salvaged radiator at a discount which is attractive to some people. The key point to remember is that you are buying the salvaged radiator as it is so there are risks and work involved but there are bargains to be found if you spend the time looking. (We always keep a stock of salvaged radiators in our yard)
  • On the newly cast radiators there are a few key differences. It will come fully tested, with guarantees and it can be built to whatever length you need to match current piping or match you room’s BTU requirement. So it is bespoke and most importantly at Kilkenny Salvage we ensure its for sale at a very reasonable price.

How much does a cast iron radiator cost?

  • For a newly cast iron radiator given we build them by the section it means that your price will depend on what size radiator you want and also in which style. The important point we make to our customers is that you will never over pay for one of our radiators as we build and charge for them by the section so if you don’t need the heat output or length we wont go larger than you want.
  • The one thing we can say is that we price our radiators very competitively so you will not be disappointed with your quote.

Do I need special piping or systems for a cast iron radiator?

  • No you don’t need anything different. All piping and fittings are standard.
  • When it comes to care and maintenance you will receive a short manual on how to take care of your cast iron radiator before and after connecting including details on inhibitors which are very important to make note of.

What arrives when I order a radiator?

  • Your radiator will arrive fully assembled and ready to connect to your piping.
  • Cast iron radiators are heavy so we advise that you have a number of people on site to help carry them to their position.

Can I get my radiator painted?

  • Yes all of our radiators can be painted or polished to whatever finish you want. This can add another level of character to your radiator if that’s what you are looking for.
  • We do find that a lot of people like to stick with a traditional black colour but it really comes down to your own taste. We have had our radiators painted every colour you can imagine.

What do I do about valves and other fittings?

  • We can supply everything you need including valves, bleeders and wall stays.
  • They come in a range of styles and in different finishes. Our most popular is the antique copper finish but options like chrome, brass, black nickel are all available also.

What do I need to supply to get a quote?

  • If you have piping in place that you want to try match after removing your old radiators then send us your current pipe to pipe measurements for each radiator.
  • If its a new room being piped then you just need to send us your room dimensions (L x B x H) and we will calculate what heat output you need and hence what size the radiator should be.
  • And of course let us know which style radiators you like and which heights you need as we do have radiators that fit under low windows if necessary along with standard and extra high radiators.
We are pricing our radiators very competitively and are confident we can positively surprise you that a cast iron radiator is possible for every project no matter how big or small.

Why not look through our cast iron radiators page (Click Here) and drop us an email for a quote.


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